Pre-built marketing funnels that generate leads for your agency and save you time

Everything you need to set up your new marketing funnel in under an hour.

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Lead Generation Takes Time

If you’re honest with yourself right now, what’s the one thing stopping you from taking a week to set up the various elements that you need to consistently generate new leads into your pipeline?

Time – bingo.

Time is the one thing that we all never have enough of. As a digital agency owner or solo designer / marketer, time is your most precious commodity.

If you’re busy on client projects, you don’t have time to set up lead generation.

You don’t want to leave yourself in a position of panic because you’ve finished a project and you have an empty pipeline.

Introducing Funnel Packs...

Funnel Packs have been created to save you time. Giving you back your precious commodity that you can use elsewhere in your business or with your family.

A Funnel Pack is a pre-built marketing funnel that is ready for you to implement in your agency. You can customise them to suit your target audience and your brand’s own style.

Each Funnel Pack includes everything that you need to implement on your website in less than an hour. Plus it’s all editable, so you can season to taste and suit your target audience.

5 Pack Special Offer

Get 5 Funnel Packs of your choice for the price of 4

The 5 Pack Offer is for use in your business only.

Funnel Packs huh? Tell me what's inside!

Our Funnel Packs are designed to help your business to generate more leads. They’re created for you by a fellow agency owner who understands how hard it is to consistently generate leads, particularly when you suffer from a lack of time due to “busy work”.

Lead Magnet

Each Funnel Pack includes an editable lead magnet, designed to pique the interest of your clients. They're short enough to be easy to consume and provide great information that positions your digital agency as an expert.

Landing Page

Our Landing Pages are built using Elementor and Beaver Builder. You can drop these straight into your website and make any style changes that you need. Our Landing Pages are fully editable so can be easily customised to suit your brand.

Thank You Page

Thank You pages are an important part of the sales funnel. We include a fully editable Thank You page for each Funnel Pack, built with Elementor and Beaver Builder. You can easily make changes to align them with your brand.

Welcome Email

The Welcome Email is the first email that a potential client will receive after they've requested a copy of your lead magnet. The email is supplied in text format, ready for you to edit and drop into your favourite email marketing software.

Nurture Emails

Each Funnel Pack includes a series of 3-5 Nurture Emails. We use Nurture Emails to provide additional benefits and information to prospects, as well as to continue positioning you as an expert. These are supplied in text format and are easily edited.

Sales Emails

Our Funnel Packs all include at least one Sales Email / Consultation Request Email. These emails are sent at the end of the nurturing sequence and are designed to encourage your prospect to take action. Sales Emails are provided in text format and are easy to edit.

Overview and Implementation Videos

Our Overview Video will show an overview of everything that you have in your newly purchased Funnel Pack. We also include an Implementation Video which shows one or more examples of how you can set up your new funnel on your website.

Recommended Tools

We've created a list of Recommended Tools for each of the Funnel Packs that we've created. These tools are both free and paid, giving you opportunities to implement new skills and services into your business or optimise your delivery of existing services.

Localised English Versions (US and UK)

Wherever possible we've tried to avoid the use of any localised language. Where necessary, we've provided US and UK English versions of any text content or lead magnets, to ensure that you have something you can implement straight into your business.

Start Generating Leads Today!

Using one of our Funnel Packs, you can start generating leads within the next hour.

Simply set up the landing page and thank you page on your website, load up the emails into your email software of choice and start driving traffic.

Lead generation doesn’t have to be an afterthought or a stressful time between projects.

Step out of the feast / famine cycle, and into your new world of a predictable pipeline of leads.

What people have said about us...

Michael Killen

Sell Your Service

Whenever I ask Matt a question or see him respond to funnel and marketing queries in our network, I’m blown away by his patience, insight and depth of knowledge. Somehow, he’s taken his years of experience in the marketing and funnel field and distilled it into these very powerful packages.

Matt not only repeatedly delivers on what he sets out to do. But he also cares deeply about businesses and their pain around time, profit and sales. This deep level of care and expertise has resulted in one of the best funnel solutions I’ve ever seen.

Kyle Van Deusen


I can’t count the number of times Matt has given me advice. Whether it be products, funnels, email marketing, or sales… each time I have been completely blown away by not only his deep understanding of the web industry, but also how he looks at things from the buyers perspective.

When I’ve been stuck, he’s pointed out tons of opportunities I couldn’t even see. I’m just glad he hasn’t collected a commission on everything he’s helped me sell!

Dave Foy

No Fear Funnels

I run a well-known, leading marketing funnels course. Matt is my trusted advisor, consultant and guide.

Matt has been building all kinds of funnels, for all kinds of clients, for over 10 years. He not only thoroughly understands the theory… he’s got vast experience of deploying high-converting, successful funnels in the real world.

It’s for that reason that he’s so incredibly valuable to me, and my team. I have students working in a variety of fields, and I’ve lost count of how many times he’s literally transformed a student’s business with his practical funnels advice. And to top it all, he’s the nicest, most generous chap you could ever hope to meet, whose big driver is helping others achieve success.

With funnel packs you’ll be enjoying all the benefits of Matt’s vast real-world funnels experience. These are ‘done-for-you’ funnels, a shortcut to instant hero! And they’re simply brilliant. I’ll be recommending funnel packs to every single web designer and web agency I know.

David Vongries

Page Builder Framework

I only trust a handful of people when it comes to marketing my software business. Any time that I need marketing advice or feedback, I go to Matt. He is always helpful and I can say I trust him 100% with each piece of advice he gives me.

I am happy to see that he is offering this amazing product because I know it will help businesses grow & make more money.

Oliver Martin

No Label Studios

Matt has been a valued friend and funnel consultant for many of our peers for a number of years, and more recently inside of Dave Foys No Fear Funnels group.

I had the privilege of helping Matt with some last minute setup and could tell that this product was going to be legendary, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Funnel Packs is the entire funnel from design elements to professional copywriting and page templates to full email nurturing sequences.

I instantly bought the founder pack and will never regret this choice. Don’t hesitate!

5 Pack Special Offer

Get 5 Funnel Packs of your choice for the price of 4

The 5 Pack Offer is for use in your business only.