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40% off all Funnel Packs for a limited time only.


The Ventura Bundle returns after 4 years away.


5 Funnel Packs for the price of just 4.


Learn how to drive traffic to your marketing funnel.

It's Funnelventura time again!

November is one of our favourite times of the year. We love watching Autumn taking over in the UK with the trees turning from green to brown.

It’s also where we get to celebrate with you through Funnelventura.

If you’re new to Funnelventura, it’s more than just a cool name for a Black Friday sale. It’s our festival of funnels.

Funnelventura is a celebration of our customers and the love that they’ve shared for our products. It’s also a celebration for you and an invitation to step inside the world of Funnel Packs.

To-date we’ve helped over 1,800 customers with our Funnel Packs. That’s a heck of a lot of people who are now able to generate and nurture more leads for their businesses.

Let’s see what’s in store for Funnelventura 2023…

What's happening this year?

2023 has been another year where we’ve seen higher inflation, interest rate rises and price increases. It seems like every day you get an email with a price increase for a service now.

So, let’s talk about discounts instead.

Funnelventura is the only Funnel Packs promotion that we’re running in 2023, so we’re making it a big one!

We’re offering a massive 40% discount on all Funnel Packs and offers this year. That reduces a single Funnel Pack to just $88.20 instead of $147 – saving $58.80.

We’ve reduced the price of our 5 Pack Offer to match last year’s price. It’s the lowest we’ve ever offered it for. Thanks to the 40% discount you can get 5 Funnel Packs for just $352.80. That’s $70.56 per Funnel Pack!

There’s a massive 50% discount on our popular Funnel Traffic Course. You can purchase it for $123.50, instead of the usual price of $247. The course is perfect for you if you’re looking for help with generating traffic to your new marketing funnel.

Finally, we’re sharing a deal from our sister brand – Nurture Copy.

In December 2020, we released Nurture Copy into the world. So far, we’ve helped more than 500 agency owners with pre-written email newsletter, blog post ideas and video tutorials.

This November, Nurture Copy is announcing a brand new subscription offering at our lowest ever price.

All offers are available until the end of Funnelventura at midnight (PST) on Friday December 1st.

"One of the most amazing products made by two of the most amazing human beings. My heart belongs to Funnel Packs!"
Kyle Van Deusen
"Funnel Packs are like pringles, once you pop you cant stop. Serial Funnel Packer."
Dustin Gray
"Funnel Packs allows me to work smarter instead of harder. Incredibly valuable resource!"
Doug Seidl
Straight-Up Digital Marketing

40% off ALL Funnel Packs

There’s a massive 40% discount on ALL released Funnel Packs for the duration of the Funnelventura promotion.

No coupon is required for this discount. We’ve reduced all product prices at the point of checkout.

40% discount means that you can get:

  • A single Funnel Pack for $88.20 (instead of $147)
  • A Sales Add-On for $60 (instead of $100)
  • 5 Pack of Funnel Packs for $352.80 (instead of $588)
  • 5 Pack of Sales Add-Ons for $232.20 (instead of $387)
  • Combo (5 Funnel Packs and 5 Sales Add-Ons) for $585 (instead of $975)

The 40% discount is available until midnight (PST) on Friday December 1st.

"Never mind champagne and chocolates just buy me another Funnel Pack! The gift that keeps on giving!"
Lorraine McNulty
Maple Moon Web Design
"Though I can create it myself, nothing beats a proven package that will save you time thinking and even more time executing right out of the box. A true time saver."
Danny Foo
Sugo Digital Marketing
"Funnel Packs saved me hours maybe even days worth of work. The tutorials and videos are what make funnel Packs stand out."
Mark Bennett
Agency Owner

The Ventura Bundle - Save $1,071

In late 2019 we released a very special offer, which is the biggest bundle of Funnel Packs products that we’ve ever shared. Now that it’s 4 years later, we thought we’d bring the Ventura Bundle back.

The Ventura Bundle includes 10 Funnel Packs and 5 Sales Add-Ons of your choice, for use in your business.

On top of that, you also get your choice of exclusive merch. You can pick either a t-shirt or mug with our brand-new awesome Funnelventura graphic.

The Ventura Bundle offers a massive saving of $1,071 over the individual pricing for 10 Funnel Packs and 5 Sales Add-Ons.

Instead of paying $1,970, you can purchase the Ventura Bundle for just $899.

There’s also a payment plan available if you want to split the purchase over 3 payments.

The Ventura Bundle goes live on Tuesday, November 14th. It will be available until midnight (PST) on Friday, December 1st.

"Funnel Packs had me at hello. The moment I learned about Funnel Packs, I knew I had to have them in my life, and they have exceeded my expectations. It's such a bundle of value and community, I sometimes wonder what I did before Funnel Packs."
Lisa Ratzlaff
Share Your Story Media
"Lead magnets? Sales funnels? Are you funneking with me? What was once voodoo potion became second nature thanks to Matt and Mel. Funnely enough, where once sat a lead stagnate, now sits a wise sales magnate ! Matt and Mel, go forth and multiply for the good of all human kind. Love you."
Lee Shaughnessy
Mid Sussex Websites
"I love Funnel Packs. Today I had a sales meeting with a potential client who had gone through the funnel provided by Funnel Packs. It took me very little convincing to win her over. The Funnel Pack had already done the convincing for me. Thanks Matt and Mel!"
Rick Heijster
RAM ICT Services

5 Pack Offer (5 Packs for the price of 4)

Our 5 Pack Offer has been very popular with Funnel Packs customers since it was introduced in July 2019.

The 5 Pack Offer allows you to get 5 Funnel Packs for the price of 4, giving you a free Funnel Pack.

When you purchase the 5 Pack Offer, you can select any 5 Funnel Packs that we’ve released, for use in your business.

Best of all? With our massive 40% discount, the 5 Pack Offer is available for the lowest ever price. Just $352.80 for 5 Funnel Packs.

No coupon code needed – the discount is available until Funnelventura ends at midnight (PST) on Friday December 1st.

"Funnel Packs changed my life! Not only with the products, but Mel & Matt really know how to nurture their customers and get them motivated to infinity and beyond!"
Sven Kersten
"Purchase of the year right here! The amount of content, education and all around love you get when you buy Funnel Packs is truly amazing!! Mel and Matt have made this product a no brainer."
Mark Werle
Werle Creative
"If you're new to funnels (or an expert), you NEED Funnel Packs. The amount of value you get through the Funnel Packs Community alone is worth the price!"
Nico Bach
Infinity Pxl

Funnel Traffic Course

One of the questions we’ve been asked most since our launch in April 2019 is – “How do I get traffic to my funnel?”

Over the years, we provided answers in emails and inside our customer Facebook group. But we were always left wanting to do more.

This led to the creation of the Funnel Traffic Course.

The course is separated into 9 modules with 64 lessons. There are over 5.5 hours of video content.

As part of Funnelventura, we want to offer big discounts. So, how about 50% off the course?

You can purchase the Funnel Traffic Course today for $123.50 (usual price $247).

The 50% discount is available until Funnelventura ends at midnight (PST) on Friday December 1st.

"I really don't have the spare time, energy, or (brutal honesty here) skill to develop lead magnets, landing pages, or nurture sequences all that quickly. I'd be stuck for weeks trying to do it all myself, and that's if I even end up finishing it. I love Funnel Packs because I can get a complete funnel loaded to my website in under an hour. If I'm feeling especially spicy and creative, I can use the content in the Funnel Pack as a base and add my own words to it - although so far I've stuck with what they gave me!"
Nick Gulic
Creative Click
"I struggled to find the right type of resources to offer clients to persuade them to give me their email let alone give me money. I knew that whatever it was had to provide real value. I cannot remember how I came across Funnel Packs, but it is exactly what I needed. Right out the box its ready to go and I do not have to spend a bazillion hours writing and editing. These packs are invaluable and make me look like a friggin content marketing queen! Funnel Packs are probably the easiest and fastest way to build your list and start generating recurring income. So, stop reading and go buy them."
Tasha Hussey
Lavender Turtle Creative
"Matt & Mel go above and beyond in every way for their customers. The content of the Funnel Pack is stellar and easy to customize, and the how-to videos make it easy for anyone and everyone to create a funnel. They are extremely helpful and responsive via e-mail and in the Facebook group, not only listening to their customers' wishes, but acting on them! I HIGHLY recommend Funnel Packs for anyone wanting to incorporate funnels into their business."
Rachel Kamath
Freelance Developer & Designer

Our biggest launch yet - Nurture Club

Nurture Copy launched in December 2020, bringing a great new service to digital agency owners, designers and marketers. They now had the power of pre-written email content at their fingertips.

Savvy agency owners, designers and marketers understand the value in nurturing their clients. They know that regular communication builds better relationships. A better relationship keeps you front of mind, bringing more repeat business and referrals.

Since the launch of Nurture Copy, we’ve helped over 500 business owners grow better relationships with their audience.

Three years later, we’re going one step further. Nurture Copy’s subscription is being rebranded to Nurture Club.

It’s not just a new name. It’s a subscription with more features, more benefits and, best of all, our lowest-ever price.

Nurture Club is just $20 per month or $200 per year during our initial launch.

The launch offer is available until NurtureFest ends at midnight (PST) on Friday, December 1st.

The button will take you to the Nurture Copy website. The new offer goes live on Wednesday, November 15th.

Check out NurtureFest

The third NurtureFest promotion is live between November 15th – December 1st for our other brand – Nurture Copy.

You can get some great deals to help you with your email marketing, as well as blog post ideas, tutorials and more.

Click the button below to open the NurtureFest page and learn more about how Nurture Copy can help your business.

Check out our individual Funnel Packs

Click any of the options below to view our 20 individual Funnel Packs. They are all discounted to $88.20 each, with the 40% discount.

"I was researching sales funnels for my web design business when I happened to find Funnel Packs. I’m SO glad I did. It would have taken a huge amount of time to create my funnel, but that was my plan. Then, as if by magic Matt & Mel appeared with a completed product that seemed like it was tailored to my needs. Since my first purchase I’ve gone on to buy more funnels without hesitation as I know they’ll pay for themselves many times over. A complete no-brainer investment."
John Reimann
Suffolk Web Design & Marketing
"Funnel Packs is an amazing resource that can be used to attract, engage and convert prospects for your agency. It covers nearly everything you need and will save you hours of time by using their done for you resources. Mel and Matt are an exception team that are passionate about their product and customers."
Clifford Almeida
"I am a huge fan of working smart vs working hard. Funnel Packs give the materials to build out my services quickly and efficiently. I take the Funnel Packs edit them to fit my personality and market. Within an afternoon I have a full marketing funnel from start to finish. Since launching using the Funnel Pack I've seen an increase in optins and sign ups to my service. Great products, great service, great folks behind the products!"
Renee Shupe
Geek In Your Pocket

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about our Funnel Packs. In the sections below, we’ve tried to answer any questions that you might have.

Funnelventura Questions

Funnelventura is the name for our sale. We’re not fans of the “Black Friday” terminology and we like to be a little different.

We created Funnelventura as a celebration of the journey that we’ve been on with our customers since we launched in April 2019. The journey has been great fun and this is our way of giving back to you.

The Funnelventura sale is running between Monday November 13th and Friday December 1st.

We’ll be shutting down the Funnelventura promotion midnight (PST) on the last day, Friday December 1st.

This time will vary across different timezones. For example that will be 8am UK time or 3am Eastern on Saturday December 2nd.

This depends on what you’re after.

We’re bringing back the Ventura Bundle, which is our biggest ever offer. You can get 10 Funnel Packs and 5 Sales Add-Ons for $899. That’s a saving of $1,071 over the individual prices.

If you want to sell your services at the end of your marketing funnel, then your best option would be our Combo Offer. This is 5 Funnel Packs and 5 Sales Add-Ons for $585 – our best ever price.

If you’d prefer 5 Funnel Packs, then you could take a look at our 5 Pack Offer. This gives you 5 Funnel Packs for the price of 4, working out at $70.56 per Funnel Pack.

If you care about nurturing your audience and building stronger relationships, then you should definitely check out the launch of Nurture Club over on our Nurture Copy website. You can jump onboard early and take advantage of an insane launch offer.

Finally, individual Funnel Packs are all available with a 40% discount. That’s a saving of $58.80 per Funnel Pack, bringing them down to $88.20 each.

There should be something for everyone here 🙂

Once we hit midnight (PST) on Friday December 1st, the Funnelventura sale will end.

At this point all offers will end and there will be no further discounts available.

We always strive to be open and honest with our customers. So to be clear, we will not be able to provide access to discounts after Funnelventura has ended. It’s not fair on our customers if we do that.

Payment plans are available for some of our product bundles such as the 5 Pack Offer and Combo Offer.

These are a little more expensive than paying in full as we have to account for additional admin time, expenses and fees.

When you purchase a product using a payment plan, this is a commitment to pay for the product in full.

If a payment fails, we will message you to let you know and give you 7 days to resolve this.

Should the payment issue stay unresolved, we will temporarily restrict your access to our products until you have caught up with the payment(s).

Funnel Packs Questions

Funnel Packs are pre-built marketing funnels that cover a wide range of digital agency services, such as Web Design, WordPress Care Plans, SEO and more.

We created Funnel Packs to help digital agency owners to break out of the feast / famine cycle, giving them a better way to generate leads for their business.

Funnel Packs are easy to use and can be set up and ready to go in your business, in less than an hour.

We don’t have a specific demo of each Funnel Pack as our content is the proprietary element. It wouldn’t make sense for us to give all of the content away in a demo.

What we do have is a  “What’s Inside?” video for each of our Funnel Packs. You’ll find these at the top of the sales page for each Funnel Pack and on our YouTube channel.

When you purchase a Funnel Pack, you’ll receive everything you need to set up a marketing funnel on your website for the particular topic of your choice.

This includes:

  • Landing page & thank you page templates (Elementor, Beaver Builder and Divi)
  • Plain text copy for the landing page and thank you page, so you can use any website platform to create your funnel.
  • A professionally written and designed lead magnet (Editable in Google Slides, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and a plain text version)
  • Welcome Email
  • Nurture Email Sequence
  • CTA Email
  • Video Tutorials
  • Access to our private customer Facebook group

Funnel Packs have been designed to be really easy for you to use.

Inside each pack you’ll find video tutorials that will show you how to set everything up on your website, connect up your email software, edit your lead magnet and be up and running in less than an hour.

Yes you can!

All you need is your website and an email marketing platform of your choice. It’s just a case of dropping the emails into a sequence, setting up the relevant pages on your site and connecting the two together.

The current record in our customer group is 25 minutes (Lorraine) and 27 minutes (Kyle). Whilst we don’t advocate being a speed demon, you should find that you are set up within the hour!

If you want to customise the design / look and feel to suit your brand and audience, you’ll likely take a little longer. However the initial setup should still be less than an hour 🙂

We currently support Elementor, Beaver Builder and Divi.

We also provide a plain text version of all of the copy from our landing pages and thank you pages.

At the current time we are unlikely to add templates for any additional page builders. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use our products though!

For anyone that wants to use an alternate page builder or even something other than WordPress (yes we have customers who don’t use WordPress)… all you would need to do is re-create our landing page and thank you page templates.

We keep the landing page and thank you page templates deliberately clean and simple. 95% of our audience are agency owners and web designers, who will want to customise these templates to suit their brands and audiences.

Any email platform that allows you to use marketing automation.

So that’s systems like: Mailerlite, ConvertKit, Drip, Active Campaign and more. If you’re not sure about your current email system, just ask us!

We use ConvertKit for our own emails with Funnel Packs and it’s a superb tool.

In the video tutorials we focus on MailerLite as it’s a free option for you to get started with. Our ethos for our customers is that we don’t want you to have unexpected additional costs after you purchase a Funnel Pack. So we try and give you free options wherever we can.

The tutorial videos that we’ve provided walk-through how to set everything up on your website. We’ve made sure it’s easy to follow along on a step-by-step basis 🙂

If you need further help, please ask in the private Facebook group or by sending us an email to the support address – support@funnelpacks.com.

A Sales Add-On is an additional product available for the majority of our Funnel Packs. We will have these available for every Funnel Pack over the coming months.

Each Sales Add-On provides you with the content and tools to position a productised service at the end of your new Funnel Pack.

To give you an example, let’s look at the Web Design Funnel Pack. The Sales Add-On that is available for this Funnel Pack focuses on positioning and selling a paid Discovery service. This is likely something that you already run with your clients, but now you can get paid for it (if you don’t already) AND generate interest using automation.

Imagine bringing leads through your funnel and selling them a productised service whilst you sleep, pretty cool right? That’s what Sales Add-Ons allow you to do.

Each Sales Add-On takes a considerable amount of extra time to create. It’s not feasible for us to include these with our Funnel Packs without significantly raising the prices.

A Sales Add-On is an optional extra. You don’t need it to have a great funnel.

Having a Sales Add-On will allow you to position and sell a productised service at the end of your funnel. So if you like the sound of this, you should find the small upgrade fee well worth it!

Yes, this is planned for some time in the future.

The initial release is intended purely for digital agencies to help them generate more leads for their businesses.

We plan to offer Funnel Packs for different niches in the future, so that you can use these with your clients. This will be discussed in our private Facebook customer group nearer the time, so if you want to be in on the ground floor – you’re going to need to buy something 😉

As a fellow agency owner, we’re convinced that you’re going to love our Funnel Packs.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied, then we will offer a full refund of your purchase within 7 days of the purchase date, in accordance with our refund policy.

Please note: We will not refund purchases of multiple products as this is an abuse of our refund policy. Make sure you are happy with the first product you purchase before buying more.

Existing Customers

Yes, you can upgrade to a new offer.

If you have purchased one or more of our Funnel Packs or Sales Add-Ons previously, you’ll be able to upgrade to our 5 Pack Offer, the 5 Pack of Sales Add-Ons or a Combo offer.

Send us an email to support@funnelpacks.com and let us know what you would like to upgrade to. We will create you a coupon that will deduct your existing purchases from the price of the product you’d like to upgrade to.

To access your purchases log-in to the member’s dashboard.

The products that you have access to will show as coloured badges. Any products you don’t have access to will have greyed out badges.

If you’re stuck or still not sure, send us an email on support@funnelpacks.com and we’ll help 🙂

The best place is to join the private Facebook customer group!

You’ll find the link for this inside your member’s dashboard 🙂

Any further questions?

If you have a question that isn’t answered above please email us on support@funnelpacks.com and we’ll be happy to assist.

Alternatively you can click the icon in the lower right of your browser window.

We’re based in the UK, working normal UK office hours. If you message us outside of these times, please be patient – we will get back to you as soon as possible!

"Adding a Funnel Pack to your business is like rolling out the red carpet to your audience. Letting them know that they are in the right place, educating them about how you can help them, and keeping in touch every step of the way. So by the time you reach out to them personally, they're as keen as a bean to get rolling."
Róbey Lawrence
Bearded Friend
“For anyone on the fence about buying more, I’ve had like 6 enquiries this week and just sent out a 17k proposal after a 30 min zoom call this morning for a client that dropped into my web design funnel. This shit is next level”
Nicola Hamilton
Seedling Digital
“Can I share how excited I am about these Funnel Packs? Thanks for making these available! Thanks for the awesome training, tutorials that come along with each pack. I am already rethinking how I use some features on my future site builds using the pop-up feature you share in the training videos!”
Faye Murry
Rokit Social

Thank you!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out Funnel Packs and our Funnelventura promotion.

If you chose to join the Funnel Packs adventure, then no doubt we’ll get to have a conversation soon!

If not, no hard feelings at all. We know it’s not the right time for everyone to implement a marketing funnel into their business.

We’d both like to wish you every success for the rest of the year and into 2024. You deserve it and we believe that you can change the world.

You’re awesome,

Matt & Mel x