About Funnel Packs

Helping digital agency owners generate new leads and re-gain control of time in their business.

The Feast / Famine Cycle Sucks!

You started your digital agency so that you could be your own boss, make some money and deliver great services to awesome clients.

Working with clients is great, but who is doing the marketing when you’re working hard on the latest project?

If you don’t have consistent lead generation methods set up for your agency, then you will regain membership of the prodigal ‘Feast / Famine’ club, as soon as your next project ends.

Winning back time makes you stronger

When you don’t have to worry about new leads, you free up time to focus on other tasks. You could spend time:

  • Growing your digital agency.
  • Creating processes and documenting procedures ready to bring new hires on-board.
  • Cultivating your relationships with existing and new clients.
  • With your loved ones, enjoying precious moments together.
  • Relaxing, feeling less stressed and more motivated.
What would you do with more time?

Welcome to Funnel Packs

Hello – I’m Matt from Funnel Packs.

As a digital agency owner like you (since 2006), I understand that the biggest problem facing digital agencies is finding the time to generate new leads. That’s why we’ve built Funnel Packs.

Funnel Packs are pre-built marketing funnels that generate leads for your agency and save you time. They give you everything that you need to set up your new marketing funnel in under an hour.

I’m a passionate believer in taking care of your mental health. In many occasions in the past, I experienced the stress of the feast / famine cycle. Managing stress and having a clearer mind allows you to focus on being the best version of yourself.

I want every digital agency owner to have these benefits and to love their agency.

Meet the team

Matt Davies

Agency Owner & Funnel lover

Matt has owned a digital agency since 2006 and worked in the digital space since the year 2000. As a passionate advocate of lead generation and marketing funnels, he wants to help every agency owner to generate more leads for their business.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys watching football (yes the proper kind), playing board games and geocaching.

Mel Fallon

graphic designer & dinosaur hunter

Mel is our graphic design and branding expert. Borrowing from her background as an artist, she started her own graphic design and illustration business in 2014. Mel has an excellent eye for colour and a superb creative brain.  Mel designs all of the graphics for our Funnel Packs, as well as assisting with the creation of our fantastic content.

Outside of work, Mel enjoys spending time enjoying nature, hiking, painting and looking for dinosaurs. You’ll often find her outdoors deliberating over asking somebody if she can pet their dog.