Day 4 – Following up with your past clients

Let me ask you two questions… How much does it cost you to bring in a new client to your business? How much does it cost you to retain an existing client?

If your answer is that it’s cheaper for you to get a new client, then I’m afraid you’ve just poked your screen Pinnochio.

One of the biggest mistakes that agency owners make time and time again, is to not follow-up with their existing clients, after they’ve completed a project.

A new website gets launched or a brand is born… and then crickets. The agency owner is off looking for new prospects and sending out proposals for new projects.

When you do this, you’re leaving revenue on the table. Sure, you’ve likely got the client on a Care Plan – but do you have a regular check-in scheduled so that you can add more value?

Your existing clients are people who know, like and trust you. This is insanely valuable to your business. You’ve done the hard work, you’ve built up trust, and you’ve delivered an awesome project.

To be clear, we’re not talking about bombarding clients with message after message as soon as their website is launched. You don’t want to be the junk mail pizza leaflet that falls through your client’s front door every week, no matter how tasty your crusts are. 

Instead, we’re talking about leading with value. Which, incidentally is what we try to teach and empower our customers with here at Funnel Packs.

So, how do you lead with value? It’s pretty simple actually. You reach out on a regular basis, show interest in what your client is doing and ask if they need help. You might not be highly engaged with the work that every client is doing, but it’s easy to care – you’re a human being, it’s a built-in function!

You can also share any new ideas or content you’ve created, that your client may find valuable. Perhaps you’ve created some videos, a podcast episode, a new lead magnet, ebook etc. Heck, you can even just send them one of your Funnel Packs lead magnets. We have quite a few customers who’ve had success doing this.

Following up and staying in touch helps to further cement your client relationship. You remind your client exactly why they were right to trust you to work with them, and you stay front of mind should the client ever need any help in the future.

Here’s the list of tools that you need to follow-up effectively with your clients:

  1. A computer
  2. An email address
  3. Empathy
  4. Valuable content

The last one there… you’re making this already aren’t you? Don’t roll your eyes. We’re talking about a blog post once a week, or even once a month. Share your knowledge, content marketing is a strategy that should be in your toolbox.

Seriously though, the first three are fine. So those of you who are reading this with your last blog post created in 2015, you’re not going to miss out.

In terms of reaching out, you should be looking at somewhere between 30-90 days on a regular basis. At the very least, set up a 3 month reminder for every new client that you on-board, and remember to reach out to them.

For those existing clients, it’s time to reach out now. Pick 3-5 clients and reach out this week. Then, do it again next week with some more. And keep going until you’ve reconnected with all of them. Feel free to leave out any clients who asked you to make their logo bigger, or tried to cover your mouse hand with their hands, whilst you were designing.

I’ve put together five email templates for you to use, which you can find below. There’s no opt-in or charge for them. Take them, season them to taste and enjoy!

There are also some additional resources from our good friends: Jason Resnick, Ian Brodie and Mike Killen.

Value Based (send link / resource)

Use this template to send out a link to a blog post, video, lead magnet etc. It doesn’t have to be your content, it could be something valuable elsewhere if suitable to their interests.

Hi [client name],

I remember you were interested in [interest(s) here].

I’ve [written/recorded/found] this [post/video/podcast] that will likely be of interest to you.

[short section on key points that will resonate with them here]

Let me know what you think!

All the best,

[Your Name]

Ask about challenges

Use this template to reconnect with a past client and ask about any specific challenges that they’re facing in their business right now.

Hi [Client Name],

I was looking back at our project today and feeling really proud with the [design/feature] that we worked on together.

How are things going for you right now?

I’d love to know if there are any challenges you’re facing. Let me know as I’d be more than happy to share some ideas and tips with you if there’s anything specific you need help with.

Look forward to talking soon.

[Your Name]

Talk about their successes

This template is great for clients who are posting regular content on their achievements and successes. For example blog posts, case studies, videos etc. Please use it with empathy and sincerity – false platitudes aren’t needed!

Hi [Client Name],

I was on your website earlier and I enjoyed your recent [blog post/case study/video etc].

It’s great to see [company name] doing well!

Would you have five minutes for a chat this week? I’d love to hear more about [the blog post/case study/video etc].

Look forward to talking soon,

[Your Name]

Fix something

Use this template when you find an issue on a past client’s website. Typically it will be something that is harming their credibility such as a broken image, broken link a bad typo or something else. You get the idea! After fixing this, you could offer a full website audit – or just have a conversation with them, you can find out more when you talk!

Hi [Client Name],

I noticed a problem on your website and I wanted to help fix it free of charge.

[Detail of problem – e.g. a broken image, broken link, typo, etc. Something small that could be harming their credibility].

Once we’ve fixed that, would you like me to take a look at the rest of the website just to make sure everything is in good order?

Hope all is well with [company name] and I look forward to catching up.

All the best,

[Your Name]

Buy them a coffee

Use this template to invite a local client out for coffee or lunch, where you can catch up. Of course, at the time of writing this will likely be virtual, so feel free to tweak it to a virtual coffee!

Hi [Client Name],

It has been a while since we’ve had a chance to talk. Can I buy you a coffee [this week/next week]?

I’d love to hear how [company name] are doing.

Let me know what time suits you best and let’s get some caffeine.

Talk soon,

[Your Name]

Jason Resnick (

I reached out to my friend Jason today, as I know he’s also very passionate on the topic of re-engaging past clients.

Jason was kind enough to take the time to write a great post today, to help you all reach out and reconnect with your clients. He has even included a couple of email templates that you can use today.

Check out Jason’s awesome post here!

If you enjoy the content Jason has shared, you can sign up for Feast Club for $5/month. It’s an absolute steal for the value that he delivers time and time again. For the price of a coffee or a small box of donuts, Jason will help you push the needle in your business.

Ian Brodie (

I’ve got a ton of respect for Ian, who has been a long-term friend and mentor of mine for a number of years now. He’s a successful UK-based business coach and marketing professional, who is a big fan of value-based marketing.

Ian has written a blog post on: How to turn old clients into new clients

I love the way that Ian has broken down his “Perfect 10”, “Dream 100”, to help you to focus on exactly which past clients you should be reconnecting with. Check out the post and you’ll understand what I mean.

If you’d like to know more about Ian and his value based marketing approach, he has written a great post on that here.

Mike Killen (

I couldn’t write today’s post without including something from one of our best friends, Mike Killen. You all know and love him as the man who provides teaching and training to funnel builders. You may even have seen a video of him putting on clothes whilst doing a handstand recently…

Mike recorded a podcast episode back in 2018, that talks about his 5×5 challenge. It’s a challenge that is designed to help you find hidden sales and revenue from your existing client base. It’s a quick 11 minute listen and packed with value.

If you’d like to read more content from Mike, you can check out his blog here.

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