Day 5 – Pinterest Funnel Masterclass with Anchen le Roux

We’re delighted to bring a special masterclass to you today from our friend Anchen le Roux.

She very kindly reached out to us last week, offering to tell you all more about Pinterest and how it can be a great source of traffic for your business.

What she has actually sent over, has blown our minds.

I’ll be honest… I’ve never really used Pinterest or considered it valuable for my business. I always saw it as a place for people to share pictures of cooking recipes or travel ideas. So, when I sat down to watch the masterclass, I was sceptical.

Anchen has proven me wrong, in a huge way. In fact, I’m betting that only a very small percentage of you have ever used Pinterest effectively for your agencies. It’s not something that is spoken about very often, if at all.

As well as the comprehensive workshop, Anchen has also created a workbook that you can download and complete as you flow through your Pinterest journey.

Take advantage of this and use it for your business. This is something that Anchen really should be turning into a product and selling, so I imagine that she won’t keep it free forever.

Right, that’s enough from me. A huge thank you from both Mel and I to Anchen for taking the time to create this masterclass.

Now… over to Anchen, who is about to open your mind to a word of new possibilities…

About Anchen

Anchen le Roux is the lead developer and chief rebel at Simply Digital Design, based in South Africa. She’s passionate about simple, green and nomadic living.

You’ve likely seen her teaching at a WordCamp or taking the time to help others out in various Facebook groups online.

Anchen was recently featured in an interview on the Cloudways blog, if you’d like to learn more about her and her journey.

She also is planning to add more videos to her YouTube channel soon. So if you’re interested in seeing more, don’t forget to subscribe!

If you want to reach out to Anchen, you can do so on Twitter: @anchenlr and @simplydigitalza.

If you’re a Funnel Packs customer, you’ll find her in our customer Facebook group!

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