Welcome Email Series: Part 2 – Creating The Sequence

Continuing on from the first video in the Welcome Email Series… today we’re going to start crafting the new email sequence.

In today’s video we’re going to create the first 6 emails of the sequence. We’ll start with an overview of the emails and then through the magic of editing (and a little time), we’ll run through the emails together.

Let’s get started…

Video Transcript

Welcome to the next instalment of the Welcome Email series. In today’s video we’re going to be creating and discussing the first half of the new email sequence that I outlined previously.

In the first video we looked at the benefits of creating a great welcome email and some of the elements that go into a good series of welcome emails. I also showed you what we were currently doing in Funnel Packs… and what we’d like to be doing instead.

If you remember previously, I referenced the plans for the email sequence to consist of approximately 12 emails. Here’s a reminder on the screen now…

  • Welcome and Intro to Funnel Packs
  • About Matt & Mel
  • Saving Time
  • Case Study
  • Pitch
  • Value Email
  • Soft Pitch
  • Value Email
  • Value Email
  • Pitch
  • Survey / Segmentation Email

Let’s take a deeper look

Next we’re going to take a deeper look at the first 6 emails on that list, as we’re going to be creating these today in this video.

As a quick note before I go through the emails, I’m creating this welcome email sequence so that it has some flexibility or a little wiggle room. What I mean by this, is that there will be multiple uses for the welcome email series in our business.

For example, we could have a couple of funnels set up to introduce a new visitor to our business which cover slightly different topics. Perhaps one is about welcome emails like this video series, or maybe we have a specific blog post or piece of content on landing pages.

It would be easy for me to use the majority of the emails that we’re creating in any sequence, with a few small tweaks to suit the topic at hand. I can even use a little bit of extra automation in my email sequence to send variations of emails to people who are already customers and to those who are completely new to our business. I’ll cover that in a later video when we talk about adding the emails into our email platform and setting up automation.

What I’m getting at here is that it’s absolutely okay to write a single specific sequence, but it’s also a smart move to create something that you can easily re-use or tweak to suit multiple purposes. I’m a big believer in creating once and using many times – it makes sense to repurpose great content.

Alright, let’s check out the first 6 emails and the plan for each of them…

1 – Welcome and intro to Funnel Packs

In the first email we’re going to be thanking our new subscriber for opting in to receive the bonus or content that we’re giving away. As I mentioned a few moments ago, this will be something we can tweak to suit the particular content topic.

As well as saying thank you, we’ll be setting some initial expectations as to what will be coming next. 

We’ll also talk briefly about Funnel Packs and what our business offers.

2 – About Matt and Mel

In this email we’re going to dive a little deeper into our personal stories and share a little more about what makes us who we are with our new subscribers. It’s very important to both Mel and I that we build genuine and awesome relationships with people.

It’s also a point where we’re absolutely okay if someone finds that they’re not a good fit with the type of people that we are. It’s probably a bit rare that this would happen… not to be big headed or anything. More that we’re just genuinely honest, open and transparent with everything that we do. Something that our customers have expressed they love about us many times.

So the main purpose of this email is so people can figure out that they’re a good fit with us. And if they’re not, they can gently qualify themselves out by unsubscribing.

3 – Saving time

“Saving Time” is one of the core principles that sits behind why we created Funnel Packs. Both Mel and I ran a digital agency and worked on client projects for many years. We know how stressful it can be and how many agency owners struggle to have enough time for their OWN business and marketing.

We’ll be talking about why saving time matters here and what agency owners can do with the time that they’ve saved.

Anyone can create a marketing funnel – that much is true. But the core issue here is do you want to spend 1-2 weeks creating and writing something completely yourself. Or do you want to be able to purchase and set something up in less than an hour.

4 – Case study

In this email we’re going to introduce a case study from one of our customers. It won’t be a huge and in-depth piece of content as it needs to be something that captures the interest of a reader and quickly gets to the point.

So my plan for this is to share one case study, and also at least one link where they can get some additional value and information. 

5 – Pitch

This email will have the first pitch in our email sequence. We’ve already sent four that include value and information, now we’ll have a sales focus.

For this pitch, I’ll write a round-up of our 5 most popular Funnel Packs and why they might benefit the new subscriber.

6 – Value email

This value email will be on the topic of nurturing. 

I’ll write about why nurturing is one of the most important skills that they can have in their business, which is also a recent podcast topic. So I can link over to that episode as well, giving the subscriber some additional value and content.

Time for a little magic…

Now that we’ve spoken through these, I’m going to use the magic of editing (and time) to write out the first version of these emails. Then we can come back and go through them, looking at any key elements that have been included.

The first 6 emails in the sequence

Note: At this point I read through each of the emails in turn, sharing my notes on what we’ve added into each email and why after. I’m not going to reproduce the emails in full in the transcript, but the notes are included below

Email 1 – Welcome and intro to Funnel Packs

  • Letting the new subscriber know upfront when they’ll receive emails and what the regular schedule is.
  • Not afraid to tell people they can unsubscribe. This is really important as someone that chooses to unsubscribe is doing us a favour. We only want to focus our attention on people who value our content.
  • I’ve explained a little bit about what Funnel Packs are and who they’re for. Anyone who signed up to receive the mini welcome series that I wrote for these videos will recognise some of the content here.
  • I like to ask questions in most of the emails that we send out. It’s a nice way of interacting directly with the lead, and we have some great conversations this way.
  • The P.S. lets people know that there will be a few more emails. People love to scroll straight through emails, so I’ve put this message in the PS section. Easy for someone to opt-out of the sequence if this isn’t for them. As a note, I’d probably let this unsubscribe them fully from our list, rather than just opting out of the sequence. If they’re not interested in our content, they wouldn’t have signed up – so this would be treated as a lead qualifying themselves out.

Email 2 – About Matt and Mel

  • Acknowledging upfront that people find it important to know or understand who someone is before they give up precious time or even make a purchase.
  • A brief intro into the background of Mel and I. Letting leads know that we’ve been in the same trenches as them.
  • There are a few jokes sprinkled through the email, as that’s part of who we are. Jovial by nature, but still serious about what we believe in.
  • There’s a note here about our passionate belief in better mental health. This is really important to us, and that will link over to a blog post I wrote in 2019 about my own experiences.
  • We then go into our two main methodologies Kindness First and Value First. These are the backbone of everything we do, and it’s really important to share this.
  • There’s another question at the end. We genuinely want to know more about our new subscribers, so this would be an email that we’d love to get a reply to.

Email 3 – Saving Time

  • Understanding how important time is to every business owner in our space. We genuinely value if someone has given up their time to engage in our content, so we want them to understand our empathy.
  • It’s a really really common feature for agency owners, designers, marketers and freelancers to spend very little, if any, time on their own website or marketing.
  • We briefly explained our reasoning for creating Funnel Packs and how Saving Time is one of the most important reasons for doing so.
  • We talked a little bit about what someone could do with more time. This is a powerful thing for people to focus on. It helps them to think of how much better the future could be if they made changes today.
  • Again, there’s another question, and one that we often get a “yes” to – either from someone experiencing the feast / famine cycle right now, or having experienced in the last few years.

Email 4 – Case Study

  • This is a short case study, but the point is for someone to quickly read it and understand the impact that our product had for a customer’s business. There’s no real value in sending 1,000 words in an email as a case study.
  • The quote from Lee would be large and bold in the email.
  • We put a quick calculation from GBP to USD. Unfortunately that won’t hold perfectly true if the exchange rate changes drastically, but it should be good enough as a quick example.
  • Finally, I felt it was important to share an additional link so that the lead could get some more information and value from this email. This link is to a podcast episode that Lee and I recorded for his Agency Trailblazer podcast.

Email 5 – Pitch

  • In this pitch email, I’ve picked out five of our most popular Funnel Packs and given each of them a short description. The titles of each Funnel Pack would lead to their respective sales pages.
  • Something I could do here if I had the relevant segmentation set up first would be to actually show a variation of the full email… or use some code in the email itself to show a custom set of Funnel Packs.
  • The benefit with doing this would be that I could really personalise the Funnel Packs that we recommend based on whether someone is a web designer, a marketer or a graphic designer / branding expert.
  • For example, if someone was a marketer – then I’d likely recommend the Lead Generation, SEO, Local SEO, PPC and Conversion Rate Optimisation Funnel Packs.
  • There’s a further link to our overall Funnel Packs page – which lists all 20. So if this was just a single email, they could easily click through and look at the full range of options.
  • Finally, we’ve asked a question again – two actually. Firstly, it would be great to know which Funnel Pack the lead is most interested in trying for their business. 
  • Secondly, if there’s a service that they provide which they can’t see a Funnel Pack for yet – it would be good to hear their thoughts / suggestions. Mel and I are always open to developing new product ideas – should they be a viable option.

Email 6 – Value Email (Nurturing)

  • So this email is the shortest one in the sequence so far. I actually want to gently nudge people towards our podcast here.
  • Some people will enjoy listening to content more than reading it – so if we can provide valuable content in multiple mediums, it increases our opportunity to engage with a new subscriber.
  • There’s a link to the podcast episode where the lead can learn more about the subject that I’ve introduced in the short email.

Summary and up next

Okay so that has been a look at the first 6 emails in the new welcome email sequence.

First we went through the emails from an overview perspective to discuss what would be in each of them. After that, a little bit of time and editing magic occurred, and we went through the emails in full, talking about specific elements inside each one.

In the next video, we’re going to write the final 6 emails of the new welcome email sequence. Look forward to seeing you there 🙂

Thanks for joining me for this video, have a great day ahead! You’re awesome, take care.

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